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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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Wait, are you using three desktop search engines? Are you storing the indexes in a server? ;D
-Lashiec (June 03, 2008, 06:01 PM)
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My name is Mike and I am a software addict...

I'm running all three on a notebook with a 120GB harddrive... The indices combined total about 3GB - the largest being Archivarius at about 2GB with dtSearch weighing in at 580MB and X1 at 472MB... I still have about 20 GB free so am not worried. I *know* that I *should* settle on one (or at most two!) and uninstall what I'm not using, but then what would I do about the 15 file managers that I have installed, the multiple file/folder compparators, and the numerous reg-ex/text search and replace apps that I have installed. Then there are the office suites and the note takers/web archivers. Nope. Too many decisions  :P
-Darwin (June 04, 2008, 10:54 AM)
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HI MIKE! (I think that's the way we're supposed to start.)

Take heart. Admitting your addiction IS the first step. On the other hand, until you eliminate it, ENJOY YOUR ADDICTION!

As normalizing such matters typically has a consoling effect, take heart as well in the fact that given this site's membership, it could as well have been called "Software Anonymous" or any of the myriad other titles one might have imagine given our MUTUAL addiction.

Firmly addicted,

If the kids are fed, mostly, and the wife isn't past threatening to leave, things aren't too grim.  ;D

I had a quick search of the topic but couldn't find it:

FindOnClick from 2BrightSparks, (the guys that brought you SyncBack).

After registering SyncBack using a recent DC discount, I happened to win a license for OnClick Utilities by filling in the survey - EXCELLENT!!  Two utils for the discounted price of one - best discount I ever got!

I used to use Locate32 and Index Your Files, the problem with both of these is they require you to index the drives - a pointless exercise AFAIAC.  If I'm searching for something, I want the result now not in a few minutes time.

Anyway, they're gone now, replaced by FindOnClick which seems ridiculously fast to me.


To search S: for *.jpg, (result 1362):
DOpus        17s
FindOnClick  0.81s

To search D: for *.jpg, (result 29627):
DOpus        78s
FindOnClick   7s

For the rare occasions I need to search for that elusive file I'll be using FindOnClick.

PS. Thank you DC for the discount  :Thmbsup:

Interesting - thank you for bringing that app to our attention, 4WD. I'll check it out. From your description it sounds, possibly, like either SearchGTor FileLocator Pro. Which it resembles depends largely upon whether or not it can search the content of files or whether it searches filenames only...

PS Ken - we need to start a support group... Hang on, this IS the support group  :P


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