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What is the currently best Desktop Search software?

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How about user requests? Are they quick to adress issues at least answer questions? Forums are great but sometimes email is most convenient.

I've had excellent experiences contacting Archivarius' author by e-mail. He doesn't necessarily implement suggestions, but he considers them carefully and offers alternatives.

fair enough, thanks

Actually I have one more question, rather might be  irrelevant to some but it is important to me. Because I hate giving my money to wrong kind of people(aka jerks) . Does he/she sounds like decent personality? Sometimes developers seems to have super-egos and it is hard to deal with those kinds of people. Based on the responses I got from you he/she sounds like  a decent human being. Any confirmations, negative or positive? :)

Edit: Please reply me in person if you want to answer this rather relative question :) Sorry I did not articulate my message properly.

Hi Kartal,

Archivarius' developer has struck me as being very decent, from my interactions with him  :)


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