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Whitespace around images with added borders


If I add a border to an image it seems to add a lot of "whitespace" around the image.  Could this be made a bit more lean?  I have attached an image of my preferences and added a border to show the excess space (in particular the left and top of the image).

I also discovered that when I had the preferences screen open and clicked Capture-> Capture Image of Screenshot Window, beneath the name field at the bottom of the main screenshot capture screen, I got details relating to an Internet session I had open. Even after I had completely closed Internet Explorer and tried the same thing again, the same details are being recorded.  Having said that I don't really use that field so it's not much of an issue for me - just an observation.

the "whitespace" you are seeing is not from the border -- it's from the shadow.
you can disable auto-shadow from the Post-Capture Options tab, or change the Radius above.


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