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I've been running bvckup for a few days, and I must say that I'm very impressed by everything about it, including communication, design, technological posts around, even the "follow us on twitter" box with it's No weather or health reports, No lunch menus, No retweets, Concise and always on-topic promise AND the software which is has definitly solved my local backup issue.

It would be great if it had some history, just in case I delete something on a side by mistake to be able to get it back that way. I would happily pay for it when you release it.

@Armando - I had a look at the renaming/moving thing. There are at least four ways it can be done.

One is with the file system driver that monitors all FS activity. This something that I can actually write, but would rather not to due to much increased support load. Also this will require admin privileges and may require reboots in some cases, again something that I'd like to avoid.

Second is to hook either the Windows Explorer (apparently it implements some sort of move/rename notification/vetoing mechanism) or to hook the Win32 API through injection. I personally get willies even thinking of integrating with Windows Explorer. The API hooking is interesting, but it is prone to the same set of support problems as the first option.

Third is to simply look at the timestamps and sizes and see if any of the disappeared files have reappeared elsewhere under a different name. This will obviously not work if the file is not only moved, but also modified between the backups.

Fourth is the same but to also account for the file contents through hashing. This is similar to what delta copying does, and it would mean scanning and re-hashing the candidate (new) file to determine if it's a match to a disappeared one.

Based on the numbers you posted, other backup programs are likely to be doing either #1 or #3. SyncToy documentation mentions in passing their use of SHA1 hashes, but I can't really see how they can re-hash a large file in mere milliseconds, so they must in the end be doing #3 as well.

I will try and put together a version that implements rename/move detection, but it might take me a week or so to do that. Stay tuned :)

@jaden - Ah, I see. I would rather not add this to this product, and here is why.
I wonder if I should trademark this ^ response ... :D ... I feel like I am going to be using it a lot in this thread.

@sajman99 - B-D-cup then... that should get them clicking on those ads... lol
Though you are totally right regarding the delta

@andhar - thanks, great to hear that

@ecaradec - thanks, and I would happily accept your money :)

I downloaded  Bvckup a couple of days ago and have set it to bvackup several folders - two to a HD partition and one to a network drive.  Seems to work flawlessly and
without taking up resources .  I like it !

Very nice and very handy

@apankrat - Very interesting. Yes,  they must be doing #3.
Thanks a lot for the details. I'll be very happy to test the new version. That type of detection is great in general, but especially for those copying files over a network.


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