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ResophNotes programmer needs a bit of help

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After posting a suggestion on this thread:;topicseen

This comment came shortly afterward:
"Resophnotes terms of use look very peculiar

So, i wrote to the author to convey this observation, here was his reply:
First of all, thanks for submitting ResophNotes to a forum.

"I am just an individual programmer and I like to share the app that might be useful to other people (I created it as a personal app so I can use it myself).  I might read too many modern day lawyer stories so I decided to add that "Terms of Use" to protect myself (I hope it can).  I copied and modified it from other applications (including other Simplenote clients) so I thought none of the terms are really special.  I am sorry if people got scared by them.

My bottom line: I am a very simple programmer and this is a freeware.  I just hope people like it and share their experience and suggestions with me.  I won't take those terms serious unless someone try to hold the software against me.  Check the change log, I've been trying very hard to fix bugs and add features (95% comes from users all over the world).  In the mean time, if you or other people on the forum like to make any suggestion on the terms, please don't hesitate to send any comment to me.  I can modify the terms as long as I still feel "protected".

Thanks a lot for your email,

So, if some of you geeks can lend a helping hand to this guy in making a better "terms of service" for product, i think he would gladly appreciate your feedback!  :Thmbsup:

peculiar (October 12, 2010, 01:45 PM)
--- End quote ---

-broken link (missing an "o"). is better.


Thank you - I have sent my comments to the author by email.

My pleasure SKA!

Thank you too to to to to Curt for pointing out the exact link for the "terms of service".

I felt that there wasn't a better place to post this help message since this programmer is offering "donation ware".

Slightly off-topic, I know, but I thought I'd just mention that I've started using ResophNotes and I think it's a well put-together program. Yes, it seems to sync reliably with Simplenote, but it's also the easiest way I've found so far to use Markdown under Windows (that is, a version of Markdown is built into ResophNotes and it will give you a preview of your Markdown output and allow you to save the HTML page).


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