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need to scan a map and then color it

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I am wanting to scan like a US state map into my computer and then color or highlight the individual counties in a different color.  Now I realize that I probably won't be able to click inside of a county and then presto its teh color that I chose. Although that would be nice!

Is there such a piece of software out there that would allow me to do this? 


I wonder if there are some general programs for making an interactive "coloring-book" from an image by letting you designate regions and then later do interactive coloring by simple clicking on colors and then regions.  Sounds like a great kids program -- surely a good free one must exist? If not then it would make a great NANY application.

I'm almost tempted to work on this just for the fun of it.. But i suspect there must be some good free programs for this already.

I do wonder though if there might be ways to make a really nice version of this with some deluxe features..

I didn't have any idea of how to google search this one.  So I thought I would ask my friends here at DC.   :) :Thmbsup:

thanks for the quick reply Mouser!

Oh yeah, it would also need the ability to save in a format such as doc, pdf, bmp, jpeg or whatever so that anyone could view it.

Sounds to me like something a teacher might use.
I don't have time to search right now because I'm at work but there are all kinds of free software out there for educators. You might want to start there.


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