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IDEA: All Steam Games Auto-Validator


Hey all DCers, it's been a while since I've posted here (still lurking and keeping up though) :-[ but I come with a request.

I have been Googling around for a solution to this problem, and cannot seem to find one, so I turn to you, DC, to see if you can remedy my issue. I have 50+ games in my Steam collection, most of which are Steam-purchased games. What I am trying to do is have a script/app/etc that will, upon execution (with or without user interaction, preferably without), go through all my games listed in Steam and "Validate Integrity of Game Cache" for them.

I want this because sometimes after computer crashes/bluescreens/phases of the moon/the like, I find that game files become corrupt, and I would like to have this run via Task Scheduler every weekend during the night with other maintenance. However, this would be quite tricky to do, seeing as some games are custom installed, so they cannot be validated, so some system would have to be incorporated to be able to tell Steam games from non-Steam games, and skip accordingly. I have absolutely no clue how to do this :P

Summary of what the app/script needs to do:

* (Preferably) No user interaction
* (Preferably) Be portable/no installer or reg entries
* Must be able to go through entire games list (scrolling involved if doing via Steam Library GUI)
* Must be able to differentiate between Steam and non-Steam games, as well as the difference between Games and Categories (see screenshots)
* (Optional/extra) Generate a messagebox (or similar) report of games that failed to validate and were re-downloaded
I may be able to provide DC Credits for whoever wants to take this on. It definitely wont be a simple task, as far as my knowledge goes anyways. Maybe someone knows a simple way to do it, but I sure don't.



Left 4 Dead window with VALIDATE INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE button visible (and scrollable Steam game list)
IDEA: All Steam Games Auto-Validator

Chime 'validation in progress' window
IDEA: All Steam Games Auto-Validator

The Sims 3 (non-Steam) non-validatable (is that a word?) game
IDEA: All Steam Games Auto-Validator


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