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Merge-Diff program for image-graphic files?



I am looking for a program(hopefully cross program) that does operate on images and graphics files that does merge-diff comparison. Basically i want to be able to load up and compare images manually in sync. Obviously I can do this in Gimp or Photoshop myself, just looking for automation and faster start-ups. I will drag 2 or more images into it or run via command line etc to load the images and it will have sync browser where I can zoom in and both mages at the same time.

Eventually I will use this app in conjunction with Revision Control system.



Something like this?
Built into beyond compare 3. Also includes version control integration.

Here's a screencast:

justice, thanks for the info. That looks like I am looking for. And it is cross platform as well

Wow, that looks interesting.

They're very reserved with info about it - on their site they just say "Various types of image files can be compared" - you can see from that link they tell you how much RGB there is in each image, so even though in the screenshot they look the same, they arent.
I may as well show it here sure ;-)

can it compare PDF files too - in a viewer I mean ?

Kartal mentions graphic files - I presume the viewer only does images (not PSD, not vector file formats)

[edit] corrected Kartal's name :-[  [/edit]

I've been trying to find free alternatives to Beyond Compare's image comparison mode, and I have to acknowledge it's a difficult task.

Compared to the power and seamless operation of Beyond Compare, most free tools are too basic and unwieldy IMO. I only found two free apps which approximate Beyond Compare's "Picture Compare" mode. Unfortunately, neither tool supports drag and drop.

ImageDiff: ionForge visual compare tool from 2005 can still be found.

ImageComparator: this tiny portable image comparison tool has potential, but the current lack of scroll bar function is a major weakness.

(ImageCompare initially looked good, but it is buggy (as mentioned on the site) with the overlay mode causing access violations.)

Bottom Line: I would really like a DC discount on Beyond Compare. :-*


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