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Response to Question: Can shareware be released in the NANY event?

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As always. An excellent job. Thanks guys.

DC is a great place where it possible at least to discuss/post about software.
But really, as the author, I do not see a sense to publish my soft as Freeware.
Free for a year with nagscreen after the period - is OK.
Free at all - no no - no sense... Just promotion - great - but what is then?
Just make people happy with new (may be usefull) software - sounds good.
Made first version not so good, what people after year will take a look to next shareware version -
for me this is a cheating.

The way I look at DC is as a splendid resource and proving ground for my work. Plus I have made some good friends  :-[

The gang here have so far: suggested neat features, patiently tested, helped to fix, created logos and graphics, offered to document, and yes, donated hard cold cash to help me create my software.

All of that is worth a lot to me - probably more than the price of a few loose sales, and (I hope) reflects in the stability and quality of the final product.

Therefore, in return, I believe that anyone who is an active DC member has earned the right to a copy of my program. If they really like it they will, I hope, donate... but the real key here is that they are part of the DC community, and thus help keep it alive, interesting and fun.

The rest of the world has a choice: buy a license and help me, or join DC, hopefully make a donation, and help a lot of people. I shall give them the option to do either or ideally both  :Thmbsup:

just small remark: there is a view point what almost no one make donations for software, even if software is a usefull in everyday work...

vitali_y, I understand your point, I really do.  I even agree with everything you say.  If you don't feel it is something to release free of charge, then don't.  I don't have a problem with that and either does anyone else I on this forum that I have seen.  Now, that said, does that mean it should be eligible as a NANY entry?  From this subject, I would say the consensus is NO.  Please charge.  Please tell us about it, and even make a thread just for that software offering.  I am sure there are people here who would be more than happy to buy it and many more who would at least consider it.  I am currently in a financial crunch and can't even buy a cup of coffee right now, but I do buy software when I can and I do donate here semi-frequently when I find software useful.  Indeed, I have donated to a few projects multiple times, just because I find them that useful.  Am I in a minority?  Perhaps, but here at DC I think it is much more common than in the general populous of the internet.  And I know for a fact I am no where near as generous as some here.  It is humbling to me, but something I have found to be true of DC members in general.  Not all can give money, but most will give in whatever way they can.


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