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Awesome photos

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Some awesome photos, some will make you smile, some are gorgeous vistas -- all are color photos (or maybe "colorized") from early 1940s.

Spectacular, kyrathaba! Thank you for sharing the link  :Thmbsup:


This is kind of off topic, but I couldn't help but notice...

Count how many fat people are in there. Here's the total.

Count0 (zero) -- Not even a single person in there was fat. Not one.

Now, the next time you are in a public place with 20 or more people, count. Compare.

Why?Sugar intake. Not fat intake. Sugar. Specifically, fructose.

Stoic Joker:
I didn't notice any "Health" clubs in there either... Interesting.

they're great photos all right!
it says they're from colour slide - i.e. no 'colourised' photos


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