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Kirk Wants a New Programming Language

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Kirk has a good rant:

Dear Lazyweb and Programming Language Inventors:
I want a new programming language. Although I seldom code these days for OpenGamma, I've wanted a new programming language for quite some time. I don't want an extreme language (in syntax or constraints); I don't want a purely experimental language; I don't want a faddish language. What I want is what Stephen Colebourne coins a "journeyman language." ...a journeyman language is a programming language designed for journeyman programmers. And those guys are the hundreds of thousands of men and women working on business applications and systems programming every day.

As usual, the comments are informative.

I always get a bit cynical when someones moans about there not being a 'perfect language' out there. One thing that strikes me is the apparent contradiction of wanting true generics and duck typing while not allowing operator overloading :huh:

not a bad outline of features for a language.

The Java approach of hanging static methods on a final class with a private constructor and import static is ridiculous and everybody knows it.
--- End quote ---
I used to cringe at it, but in reality it's really not that bad (if you don't mind namespaces, you shouldn't cringe at this), and it probably makes file formats, runtime environment etc. a lot easier to write.

Personally, I'm pretty satisfied with C#... but I find parts of the .NET framework to be pretty horrible. Add the not-super-open-and-portable situation, and what you got is a ":(" face.

For the non programmers amongst us, I have yet to come across a language that would be easy to learn. Even Visual basic looks hard to me


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