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Very slow program execution

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I have fought off a virus/trojan infection - one of the symptoms were serious performance problems...

I was pretty sure that I have succeeded, but one thing was not right - all programs were very slow to start. I have tried many malware detection programs, but nothing was showing up. Then I had an idea... start a program from menu! (I run all programs from FARR normally.) Surprise, surprise - it worked normally!

So, now I have FARR which takes about 15-20 seconds to run ANY program (including calculator, Paint, etc.). I do not know how does it relate to the infection, if at all. Anything I could do or check?

if you have a memory resident antivirus program, maybe you could disable it and see if it effects launching speed?

one other thing that might be worth trying is an older version of farr:

just to make sure the problem was introduced with the latest version.

I did not help...

Process Explorer shows that quickdoclauncher grabs all resources from one core (i.e. 50%) and seems to choke there a bit... I do not know if it helps.

quickdoclauncher is exceedingly simple tool.. that makes me think its some antivirus tool that is freaking out.

however.. try this: go to the General options tab, and uncheck "Use document launch helper utility" and see if that helps; you might also try changing the other options inside "Options for Launching Programs and Documents":

Currently I do not have any AV active - some of the tools conflicted and crashed at startup.

Switching off the helper helped, though - now programs start instantly. Thank you!

I only wonder what functionality I will lose?


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