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What's Your Internet Speed/Reliability SATISFACTION?

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If you hover over the badge it will (generally) show you the stats that gave that badge.

You can re-test as many times as you'd like, and it will display your best test on the lineup.


That's in Austria, ISP Blizznet / Wien Energie. I pay for 30 Mb down/up EUR 30,- (USD 42) a month. No limits. I am in heaven. :)

Using two connections I usually get my 30 Mb upload.

Yeah, I saw the info about the badge which is part of what tipped me off to Stephen's odd results (one of his badges shows dramatically different upload/download results). I did realize that his comment wasn't about using a server, just about the DC SpeedWave. But I'm still confused as to why his results vary so dramatically, and I'm guessing that the results are tied to the account you're logged-in to, not the or computer or even location. Hence my original theory that one could e.g. log in to a remote server at a large data center and run the speed test while logged-in and get some insane server-to-server results just skewing everything, heh. Of course maybe this is all just sour grapes since I lost 1st place. ;)

wr975: Awesome! I really wish we had more high-speed symmetric options in the US.

- Oshyan

I pay for 30 Mb down/up EUR 30,- (USD 42) a month. No limits. I am in heaven. :)-wr975 (June 25, 2011, 12:59 PM)
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That's really nice!  I'm currently paying $43/mo for my 5 Mb down and 0.5 Mb up, and I get throttled if I go over limits (though the limits are reasonable enough that I've only gone over them once AFAIK).

Are you looking to get people to hate you? :P

(Just kidding~!)
-Renegade (June 23, 2011, 01:15 AM)
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Yeah, well, my home speed is about half your speed I would bet (can't test it, my home machine is down with a dead HD - waiting for the new one so I can rebuild it and try.  Probably died from the same thing that killed the internet that day).  I think my best scores then were somewhere around Deo's score or maybe a little lower.  :-\


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