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How do you add a post in a Google Groups thread???

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Man, am I a complete idiot??  I cannot figure out how to add a post to a google groups thread.  Specifically, I'm in the MLO forum.  I was able to create a thread, someone else replied to it, but I can't reply back.  There's a "reply to author" link at the bottom of each post, but that only lets you send a private mail to that individual.  I'm posting a screenshot of the entire page in case I'm not seeing something.  Once again, simple things made to appear difficult or impossible.  Even if I'm not allowed to reply (which I don't see why since I'm allowed to create a thread), but let's say I'm restricted from replying, somewhere obvious on the page should say I can't reply or post...or have some button greyed out...something!

Of course, I have to say it, this is where Apple shines and other companies falter, including Google, who is normally relatively good with this stuff.
How do you add a post in a Google Groups thread???

Google's answer doesn't help:
To reply to an existing topic, view the topic, and click the "Reply" link near the bottom of the posting to which you want to reply. You don't have to join a Usenet newsgroup to post to it, but you will need to have a Google Account to post through our webpage.

You can also reply to an existing post in Google Groups via email. If you've chosen to receive emails from a particular group, log into your email account and find the topic you'd like to reply to. Click on the "Reply" button in your email program and type your message into the body of the email. Make sure to keep the subject line intact so your reply is sent to the correct thread. Please note that it's not possible to respond via email to threads from Usenet groups.
--- End quote ---
You know what Google?  Don't tell me, show me.  Show me the freaking button or whatever.  All those words above did not help me at all.

is it something like the page doesn't think you are logged into your google account?

maybe the "reply" link suddenly appears at the bottom when your login is detected.

(i'm sure you've already tried that - perhaps it just isn't accepting your login.)

oh, i see from the screengrab you are logged in. hmm. don't know what's going on there then.

For a normal Usenet group you'll see a 'Reply' button down the bottom of the post - if it's not there the group owner hasn't enabled it.

How do you add a post in a Google Groups thread???

In your case it seems he hasn't since he's the owner/developer he probably wishes to ensure that he gets to see responses which he might not if people were allowed to post followups willy-nilly.  Also, he's probably moderating the group to prevent it being flooded with spam.

PS. Don't get excited by the contents of my screengrab, it was the first post in the group.

PPS. I really wish Google hadn't taken over DejaNews and made a complete dogs breakfast of the Usenet archive.

It's very simple - that "Reply to Author" link is how you reply. What makes you think that it sends a private message instead of a reply? Did you try it?!?!

Works for me every time. It has nothing to do with the owner not wishing anything! Where did that come from? Google Groups is not a great discussion board format by any means, but one thing it is? Pretty simple to use!



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