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Stupid question time, "Any way to *prevent* crapware loading on new box?"

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No offense intended, app103, but your premise simply does not hold up in the face of existing evidence.
-barney (September 03, 2010, 08:40 PM)
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The existing evidence I used and based my reply upon was the 2 Dell Vostro PC's I have in my home that only came with 1 application that wasn't OS or drivers: Google Desktop.

There was no security stuff, no Microsoft stuff other than the OS...not even any weird hidden stuff like you get with an HP.

What reason would I have to lie to you or make this stuff up?

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

I will mention that one reason I like the PowerSpec puter was that it came with very little crapware on 3-4 different systems over 5 or so years.  However sometimes Dell is the best deal, or wanted for support or company reasons and this or that.  However my puter at work is a PowerSpec (MicroCenter - I buy the returns, although the deal is only marginally better, it used to be more better) while everybody else has Dells and it does seem quite a bit heartier, neater, kewler.

Steven Avery


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