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Auto-push/pull clipboarder?

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The Advanced Clipboard Manager is a Windows-based clipboard management utility. ACM comes with a slim and sleek graphical interface, which can be conveniently placed anywhere on the desktop. It manages all of your recently used copied content and places them in an easy-to-use toolbar. Retrieving stored content is as simple as moving your mouse cursor over the numbered toolbar buttons (called 'slots', to preview) and clicking (to select/paste). For advance use, ACM offers the textbox, which allows users to execute advanced commands such as search, join, delete and file I/O. ACM also allows execution of chain commands, which allow you to execute multiple commands in series: for instance, the command "sj" shows the content of all the slots and then joins them together, ready to paste.

Hi mouser,

thanks a lot for adding the stack feature to CHS. I finally started using it in some real live scenarios and found it extremely time-saving. I can only recommend to everybody to check it out as soon as you have to transfer a number of strings from one location to another (e.g. when filling a form, doing a series of file activities or dealing with callouts in screenshots). Also, having these functions available via shortcuts is excellent.

If time permits (some day... ;)), it would be great if you could do one more step and extend, I guess, the grid in a way that reflects the stack mode and status. Right now, it has somewhat of a blind flight when I use the feature. I know there is the pop-up from the tray, and I can't really tell why, but I think the use would be much more intuitive if the users could see in the grid where the stack pointer currently is, and which way it will go. Maybe it just needs a sort of special icon in the first column of the grid (which probably should appear in the Clipboard > New  subtree only to work in a safe way, but that might be sufficient) – would this be much effort?

Btw, thank you very much also for the image capturing. It's so great to have these new features and means a huge step ahead at least for me! I like the way how you deal with the images, keeping them as separate files outside the data base, so that they are accessible from other applications and the path can easily be handed over. Great!

Glad you like the new features jeme! Sorry for the delayed reply.
I agree a stack position indicator would be useful.. But its a bit tricky and i'm afraid there are some other requests higher in the todo list that i'm afraid it will never get done, so i wouldn't hold you breath for it.

As for your other comments about powerpasting type modes.. It's not that i can't see logic of them.. I can see in very specialized scenarios benefiting from such intricate pasting operations.. I', just afraid that once again it's such specialized stuff that it's probably better for me to concentrate on improving the things in CHS that are used constantly that still need improvement.

Hi, I'm a Clipmate (CM) refugee.  That app hasn't been supported or updated in quite a few months.  A forum over there (which thankfully is still up) referred me to CHS.

One of the critical features that I seek is the equivalent of the CM's PowerPaste, as explained above.

Like Jeme, perphaps I'm too stupid to use a mouse.  I can't figure out how to use do that in CHS.  I can't find a screencast or help page on it.  If there is one, just point me to it.

My expectation is that I simply set the pointer (Stack Market Start in CHS) where the autopaste starts, activate the autopaste sequence (Stack Pop?), and paste, paste, paste (or pop, pop, pop which pastes, pastes, pastes) as the app moves through the clips.  But that doesn't work after trying several variations.  Please help!

Thank you,

Here is one flow that seemed to work here for a manual sequence (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit):

1. Populate CHS with clips (e.g. copy clips while CHS is monitoring clipboard) and verify via CHS Main Window
(can be done via tray menu or hotkey [default Ctrl+Alt+w]):

Auto-push/pull clipboarder?

2. To specify the top of the stack, right-click on a clip and choose "Stack Marker - Start":

Auto-push/pull clipboarder?

3. Bring focus to target paste area and use hotkey (default Ctrl+Alt+V) to paste.

4. Repeat previous step as necessary.

There may be other ways to do things too -- e.g. there appears to be a "Set stack start marker" in CHS' tray menu and there appears to be a way to assign a hotkey to "Stack Marker Start" in the Hotkeys area of the Options dialog.

I didn't figure out how to get pasting-in-sequence to occur automatically.


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