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NANY 2011 Release: Auspex - a Windows Productivity App

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It would only pop up if a) she started typing the Ex's name or b) Mr Serious set up a replacement to autotype the Ex's name for some reason. Is there something you're trying to tell us?

Auspex detects passwords, and password fields, as best it can, and tries not to save them. No doubt it'll get better over time since I'm really enjoying developing this product. In fact, much more so after today  :Thmbsup:

Do you have any other good advice for my product? Because this is gold as far as improving my free software goes.  8)

timns - may I congratulate you on your patience, humility and general good-naturedness while facing a rather uncool poster, it's a pleasure to see and has greatly increased my desire to see Auspex through to maturity.

Keep on trucking...  :Thmbsup:


By the way, I had a brief look at your software as well. Does your software really reveal and store passwords in your program visible for everybody after I entered them in web forms a few times? Whoa!  :-\
-BartelsMedia (January 15, 2011, 06:39 AM)
--- End quote ---

Something just happened that has absolutely made my day. I just tried PhraseExpress and guess what? It reveals more passwords than Auspex does  ;D

Whoa! :-\

Please right-click the item and you are set:

Problem solved! :Thmbsup:

By the way, this is no excuse but just for the records: What you have entered is a passphrase, not a password. We explain the resulting implication regarding the text prediction feature in the manual.

timns, you started bad-mouthing our product. You should stop it now, OK? It is for no good.

what happened to trying to be nice and constructive to each other?


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