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NANY 2011 Release: Auspex - a Windows Productivity App

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At least the stats icon (the bar diagram icon) appears obvious and many other icons look like from many other programs. The author will know and certainly add a credit if it is due.

Very true. But in case he didn't and just grabbed them from some site listing free icons (which tend to randomly spider icons from all over the web), now he does know a bit more detail. :) Either way, I am sure timns appreciates you bringing it to his attention.

Oh you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Auspex is and will always be donationware. I wrote it for DC's NANY because I wanted to participate, not make a fortune. Which, let's face it, ain't never going to happen.

Now I know where the icons come from I shall of course give credit.

After I heard about Phrase Express the other day, I did actually give it a try. Didn't like it. It learns the most bizarre phrases! Merrylic, would you like me to buy you a license for it?

I would suggest to carefully review the HUGE number of your competitors:-Merrylic (January 14, 2011, 05:24 AM)
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I listed some of them in another thread, here.

The freeware "PhraseExpress" - which I consider the boss in town
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No, that's Instant Text.  But it's fiercely expensive.

it will be very difficult to beat a power house llike PhraseExpress. It is so reliable, established, feature-rich AND free
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The software seems good but I and others on DC have disagreed with the company's attitude.  Being miffed at the time, I went on to Typing Assistant, which I rate excellent.  Besides, when I registered, Phrase Express was free for personal use only, and much of my computing at the time was done at work.  To get some useful features, you had to pay for the moderately expensive Pro version (about $70 I think) of the time.  The feature I was interested in was being able to use the same short form for more than one long text, e.g. "apon" for "application," "apparition," and "apportion."  Typing Assistant can do that without extra cost.  I'm not currently planning to upgrade my Phrase Express license for the latest edition, but agree it has many fans.

To some extent I actually prefer not to look too closely at other similar software, that way it does not (I hope) unduly influence how I implement features, or even what features I choose to add to the application.

I am surprised at how many other variants are out there, but I'd like to think that my software has at least one or two things to commend it, I mean apart from the wonderful icons  :Thmbsup:

Some great suggestions and support from certain DC members will ensure my continued efforts. Bugs will get fixed, and new thingies will creep in as I carry on.


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