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NANY 2011 Release: Auspex - a Windows Productivity App

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Not looked throughu the whole thread, but I just quickly tried it out and found a bug: disabled the splash screen in the options - however it still shows when launching.
-justice (January 10, 2011, 04:33 AM)
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Oh yes. That's on my list. I'll do another release sometime this week, and make sure that's on there.


Typo in the "Getting Started" paragraph of the Wiki: "deteced" should be "detected"

Good catch!

Folks, can I direct your attention to this thread:

Where Mr mouser has kindly created a little subboard for the app. I'm hoping we can launch various sub-threads to help track ideas, issues, requests, bugs etc.

So what shall we do?

Discuss here or at the new thread?

On using your programm I imported a text file which worked very well. Now I have a lot of entries in the "imported" folder.
Is it right, that the autoscroll feature in the list window isn't implemented yet?
If the list is loger than the window I can't move entries from one folder to another.

Discuss in the new section i think:

And let's close this thread.


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