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New Government Rules make Jailbreaking Legal

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It's now legal to jailbreak your iPhone.  (Maybe a new term that doesn't imply criminality is needed?)

DVD security protections also took a hit, as the ruling covers breaking them to copy and embed short clips for non-commercial educational or critical purposes, if you are a student or reviewer. (How stringent this last bit will be will be interesting to see- as will the youtube effects of this)

Apparently the Library of Congress stepped in on this one... I didn't know about the three year exemption bit.

I wonder what Apple's response to this will be- and if it will apply to the iPad.

[via The Man Who Never Missed (had to credit for the picture ;D)]

Another article with some nice bullet points about things overlooked in the previous article.

A baby step in the right direction :Thmbsup:

Now if we could only get a baby step in the right direction for patents... THAT would really shift the landscape.

So this applies only to iPhone? What about any other smartphone or other electronic devices?


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