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Firefox Tab Candy will change the way I use a browser for good

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i didn't realise IE used different shades for read and unread.
-nudone (July 30, 2010, 12:34 PM)
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It doesn't, I was saying it used different shade for the current and non-current. I just tried it in IE8 though, it is actually the same shade with a slightly more aggressive gradient.

I am trying to get the  best of both worlds.

just looking at this Vista-Aero thing. looks interesting - will install it now.-nudone (July 30, 2010, 12:58 PM)
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Wut? - nvm, found it :)

Your example screenshot doesn't make it easy to locate your tabs of interest visually
-f0dder (July 30, 2010, 12:35 PM)
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Speed Dial has its own tab grouping, but it represents tabs set up within Speed Dial itself vs. currently running tabs. Personally, I don't have a lot of need for tabs in standby mode. I would rather either open them all at once if needed or close them when done! But everyone is different, so I am glad there are choices.

I'm not saying Speed Dial does everyone I want either, there's a couple of features I'd like to see but haven't found yet:

- Sync with bookmarks
- Open multiple dials at once. (and the first improvement would actually enable the second one through middle click as mentioned earlier, but it would be good to be able to do it from the Speed Dial group page as well)
- Remember last tab group (and not doing this natively is probably a byproduct of Speed Dial tabs not using real Firefox tabs and therefore unable to take advantage of Firefox session restore, which I prefer to turn off anyway ;) )

This all definitely gets me thinking though, the video shows the Tab Candy developer is not short on ideas for improvementl, that's a great sign.

i'm not sure if i'm liking the coloured grouping tabs that Vista-Aero provides or not. i've disabled everything it enables by default, then i've installed this to disable a few more of the defaults and...

then disabled the colouring that TabMixPlus once did - unread tabs now have underline titles and read have italic titles, current is bold. using red to colour the titles didn't seem to work.

this would seem like the "best of both worlds" but i'm not sure that i like the IE colouring now i've tried it. it doesn't seem entirely unique either. it looks like a fresh newly opened tab takes on the colour of group already opened rather than grabbing it's own unique colour - not sure if IE does that itself.

i don't mind this "persona" so much - maybe there's a way to edit the grey/blue background.

another mistake then: looks like this Vista-Aero thing is a "theme" not just a "persona". i'll look at "theme" creation to see if it's obvious how to change things.

just noticed something that means i think i'll not be wasting any more time with this Vista-Aero theme...

my address bar doesn't display the correct URL for the matching tab. sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. that's not something i'm going to put up with so it's bye-bye Mr. Theme.

(i imagine that the theme may well work perfectly on its own - could just be a conflict with another extension i've got.)


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