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Time zone alias (with a general page scraper - could be useful for other things!

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Perry Mowbray:
The scraper will definitely be useful! Thanks for finding it: it's great.  :Thmbsup:

You can write your own WMS searches. I've done a few, as have others here on DC. It's great when your scraping search results, as it gives you an interactive functionality.

I think your alias is perfect for situations where you want the scrape the same thing, or you're not looking for a range of results. Yes? I'm not sure as I have not played with it, but I can imagine some very useful uses.

In fact, there is not that much difference: the scraper can do lists of results as well (with the -m) switch and WMS can do one-shot searches, of course. WMS has definitely better formatting (as it uses internal FARR formats), the scraper might be better for longer pieces of text (with the -f option).

Here is another example (for Urban Dictionary):

1000>>>urban>->showmemo Urban Dictionary definitions for $$1:;;;appcapappendmemo C:\Program Files\Internet\PageScrape\pscrape.exe -u$$u1 -e"class=.index.*[0-9].>(.*)<.a>.*word.>(.*)<.*definition.>(.*)<.*example.>(.*)<" -m -f"\n\$1 \$2Definition: \$3\nExample: \$4">+>urban (.*)

It is not that pretty, probably the regex could be better. However, I do not think FARR allows formatting in the results window (after all, it was not meant for such things), so it will be a bit hard to read.


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