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Fresh Ram 5.0

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Become a Facebook Fan of Reohix today and you will benefit from a Free Lifetime License of Fresh RAM worth $14.99!

Now , let's see the promo :

1. Login to your Facebook
 account ;

2. Go to this Facebook page ----> ''Reohix'' ;

3. Press ( click ) the button ----> ''Like'' ;

4. Press ( click ) on ----> ''Fans'' and you will see ----> ''Fresh RAM License Key'' and the download link .

Installation Wizard Update: 15th March 2010
Complete Compatibility with the latest Microsoft Operating Systems
Added various system prerequisites launch conditions
Installer did not start after a reboot caused by a prerequisite
Default Application Folder path was not set correctly when changing package type from Mixed 32/64-bit to 64-bit
Installation was started again after a reboot when cancelling prerequisite install
A reboot and elevation was required when cancelling an installation
All restart and forced reboot messages are now completely suppressed
Some Files and folders permissions were not set correctly
Windows Installer and Advanced Installer reserved property names were not handled correctly in some cases
EXE Repair mechanism did not delete the extraction folder in maintenance mode, even when the folders were empty

Yet another of those junk RAM "cleaners"? Christ. Does everybody and their dog have to come up with those?

-at least this one is funny to read about  :-\

 ;D (1) Fresh  (2) Dog  (3) Fill in the blank.

No offense intended to ha14, but I also agree these RAM cleaners are completely worthless.

Hi ha14,

While I agree that these RAM "cleaners" are worthless and can do more harm than good, I just wanted to say thanks for pointing out an offer you came across with the DC community.



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