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Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra_10.000 Licences

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Anyone have any experience with this product. Would like a review before I buy
-Mikethomas (July 06, 2010, 09:06 PM)
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I am not sure you can hope for an actual review... Certainly not from me!

First thing is that you typed 'this product', meaning version *7* which long ago was replaced by version 8. Are you really going to purchase version 7? No, I think not, unless you have found a very low price. Have you?

What goes for version 8, the new version, be aware that it comes with PowerDVD version 9. Meaning that their top-of-the-line version 10 Mrk II is a pricey separate upgrade.

CyberLink is a little heavy on the resources; you'll need a modern computer. Be also aware that it will put 3 links into Start, without asking or telling you.

Finally, be aware that it is BLOATED. This suite is a full GIGAbytes! You will be getting features you didn't ask for.

With this said, (all) CyberLink is working well; you won't be wasting your money on it. It is more a question, so to speak, if you can accept that the reason this giant moves slowly, is because he is fat!


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