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Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra_10.000 Licences

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PCPlus has teamed up with Deutsche Telekom’s download portal Softwareload to give away 10,000 licences of Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centra worth £49.90.

Coupon Code: PCPlus2010SWL
Valid between 22 June and 22 July 2010

Rats - South Africa not listed under Country drop down box when creating account...  :( :down:

Carol Haynes:
Just fill in a different address - I'm sure you can make something up. Here is a valid UK postcode if you want HP19 3JF

The number and street name can be pretty much anything.

Interestingly Version 7 seems to be more expensive (if you weren't paying) than version 8.

Note Version 7 is for Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7 support was included in Version 8. Anyone tired 7 on Win 7?

Having looked at cyberlink's website this looks like Nero's competition - a true 'jack of all trades' piece of software.

Hmmm - I suppose I could use a friends address in UK  ;D

Have asked friend in Manchester  :Thmbsup:


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