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Alternatives to Ditto

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After install the local area network and some other sort of programs I am having problems with Ditto I don't resolve in the specific forum.
Sometimes clip are order changed and when invoke one clip with the hotkeys are not corresponding. This is very annoying.
Sometimes hangs under xp sp3. Or the paste method don't obey me.
I am very used to this splendid program, specially to the keyboards short keys to paste quickly the last ten clips. CTRL+1 , CTRL+2 , CTRL+3 to 0
And the utility to share clips with the other pc is very useful.
And is portable and I can share in each pc between my systems xp sp3 (by my original terror to windows xp pro i am used to have several times the same system in each pc).
So. I am looking for an alternative to Ditto :

a) Portable
b) with ten keyboards short keys to paste the last 10 clips. (or more)(must be the same CTRL+1 to CTRL+0)
c) Plays in local area network sharing the clips.

is it possible ? I was thinking about similar programs from Mouse zone, but I would like to receive a first advice to help me to select.

Best Regards.

Try Global Clipboard, possible someone can help to make it portable

ac'tivAid has an extension ("MultiClipboard") which does that.

Not quite as you want - ArsClip, which is both free and portable, has a single hotkey, Control-Shift-Z by default, that pops up a list of clips where each clip is numbered and has the icon of the program it was clipped from.  Entering the number pastes the clip.

If you Enable the Tooltip Popup in Configuration, you can move up and down the clip list with Ctrl-Shift-X and Ctrl-Shift-C (again by default), pasting the clip you want, when you get to it, by pressing Shift on its own.  But, that's getting a fair way away from the method I understand you to use now with Ditto.

Try Global Clipboard, possible someone can help to make it portable
-ha14 (June 24, 2010, 12:15 PM)
--- End quote ---

I try and comment.
Best Regards

Send clips in the local area network ?


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