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If you think OpenOffice is a competitor to MS Office 2010, think again

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It's really the massive installed user base of MS Office. To a lesser extent, you might say Google Docs or Zoho, which some businesses are switching to the software for its lower costs and fewer administrative, deployment, and licensing hassles. Odd thing is, if Microsoft beefed up Office Live, it would be a boon for SOHO users.

That said, if you're an MS Office 2007 user, will you be upgrading to the 2010 (twenty-ten!) version? And if so, which features are compelling enough to do so?

I upgraded. There are several features regarding tables, document formatting, excel vba functionality, powerpoints master slide editing abilities as well as slide options and various other small tweaks that make using the software that much easier. The ribbon is now standard across all applications which makes me very happy. I can customize each ribbon and make it function in any way I want. I can remove ribbons and have a single one which hides when I need it to so I can maximize screen real estate while working on a large document.

That said, I own two licenses to 2010. One Pro and one Pro Plus, both either free through technet or very cheap through my university. Yes, 350 (250 per year renewal) bucks for a technet subscription which gives me license keys to every MS product for personal use is fantastic and a great investment.

So yes, I upgraded and will continue to use MS Office as no other solution is as robust, easy to use, or functional. OOo does not hold a candle although I will recommend it to someone who has no means to find a cheaper copy, although a simple google search will return enough results for cheap copies of the suite.

I have MS Office 2003 Standard, and I skipped Office 2007, so for me it is a no-brainer question: Office 2010 is The Leader and almost awesome! I *HOPE* I can afford to upgrade to the Ultimate version (I have been running the Ultimate Beta for five months, for free), but I am no longer entitled to any academic discount.

In my case, it's mostly a matter of "When in Rome do as Romans do."

The single most compelling reason for me to be constantly upgrading my Microsoft software has little to do with me and everything to do with needing to stay on top of what my clients are using.

Fortunately, Microsoft knows this, so they offer a very generous subsciption program (MAPS) through their registered partner network that makes regular upgrades both workable and affordable.  

I installed OpenOffice on a Windows XP system not long ago.
Typed three lines in Notepad.
Pasted them in OpenOffice.
Selected the lines and hit the "bullets" icon on the toolbar.
It put the bullets on separate lines from the text!

I've been meaning to try this same test on my own Windows 7 system just to see if it wasn't just something funky with that computer, haven't gotten around to it yet.

EDIT If it does the same thing in Windows 7, I'll make a video of it with a waa-waa-waa-waa sound effect at the end.


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