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Monitor the size of files

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I Think may be better put the equivalent size columns KB, MB, GB at the end.
For me with column bytes is enough-Contro (June 29, 2010, 04:24 AM)
--- End quote ---

You can hide the columns you don't want to see by selecting 'View -> Choose columns' from the menu.

Simply perfect.

In the same orientation may be : controlled the amount wasted of RAM memory by an exe or similar.

I see your script for controlling the percentaje task.  :-*

Size Matters indeed. ;)  Nice work, skwire. 

For lists I will now use Size Matters to monitor specific files and TreeSize Free to monitor large directories.

It's finished ?

And the alarm ?

@sajman99:  Thanks for the kind words.   :D
@Contro: Not yet.  I'll get to it when I finish up a couple of other Coding Snacks.


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