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How can I limit the file types that FARR will search?


Allen Dang:
Hi, I'm new to FARR, just heard and installed it yesterday.

I feel very good about most features, but one thing does bother me a lot...

Each time when I try to launch an application, I will see a very long candidate list full filled with *.mp3, *.doc, *.txt, *.jpg, etc... as typing the name.
In most cases of my usage, FARR will be an app launcher.

So I searched all the options tried to find a way to limit the file types that FARR will search, but I didn't find it.

Anybody knows how to do that? I'd like to limit the file types to "*.exe, *.lnk".

you can go to Options > Lists > Pattern Scoring and boost the score for *.exe and *.lnk items.

If you really want to limit the search to only certain file extensions, you can go to the Search Folders tab in options, and for each directory that is being searched, edit that search folder entry and you will see a setting to limit the file extensions being searched for.

Allen Dang:
Thanks very much!!


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