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Which app stays open on your desktop all day?

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there was a time when i used to try to keep my system tray empty, to maximize pc performance.
but then i thought WTF am i paying for this fast cpu for and wasting all my time idleing, i rather have a tray full of fun stuff
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Agree!! :-)

Here's my, quite excessive, list...

Task bar:
Slimbrowser (IE frontend) - Compass (bookmark management, no freeware) - Thunderbird (Email)

Hidden (no symbol)
PowerPro (It can do a lot, but I'm using it as startmenu replacement + task scheduler)

Task Tray:
Rainlendar (desktop calendar/todo/notes) - Wonderful Icon (keyboard shortcuts) - Workrave (RSI prevention) - StrokeIt (mouse gestures) - ArsClip (clipboard memory) - DaemonTools (virtual drives) - Copy Handler (shell enhancement for copying/moving) - ActiveCPU (displays CPU load) - Volume control (Windows standard) - Girder (remote control, not freeware) - AdSubtract (removes ad-banners, not freeware) - TemporalityScreens  - Find&Run Robot - Winamp - and most important, since I'm using W2K: Tray Manager (to move task tray symbols in a sub-menu). So, actually, there're just four icons visible.

JP, have you ever met an app that was as customizable as EditPlus? Great program. Just wish it had more power!
-zridling (May 29, 2005, 03:21 AM)
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I use it every day at work, mainly for perl coding. I don't use hardly any of the features though, the keystroke macros, column selection and ftp client are very handy. Ultraedit is the de-facto editor at work but I dislike it. Not the least for the PITA installation & registration (v10 era). It just doesn't feel right either. I've not had any problems with editing huge files with editplus so whatever the limit is; I've not reached it. As far as hex editing is concerned, I'd buy winhex. A text editor is not a hex editor to me.

Zaine, very impressed with your site btw, made a couple of purchases as a result.

I have a ton of applications in a variety of startup locations.  I like to put not-really-necessary stuff in the Startup group.  That way, if I don't want to run that stuff, I hold down the Ctrl key as I am being logged in.  I won't list all the applications I run from Startup...

From the registry (i.e. the HKLM\...\Run key), I load stuff that I typically have running all the time:

IntelliPoint 3.2  (Because IntelliPoint 4+ just plain sucks)
Toddler Keys  (The author is looking for a new maintainer...)
True Launch Bar
NTPTime  (Runs as a service.)
Undelete  (Runs as a service.  I would hate to be without it.)
mst Defrag  (Runs as a service.  I hate all other defraggers.)

I don't load these from the registry, but they're running quite often, if not all the time:

Miranda IM
Ad Muncher  (This belongs on Zaine's site as much as anything.)
PowerDesk Pro
TClock Light
Process Tamer
Random Submitter  (Really, mouser--I use it!  I use it!) :)

Now, aren't you glad I didn't list everything?  :o

Oh crap, I just remembered that Zaine included "on your desktop" in the subject.  Oh well; strike all those services!  (It was too much formatting hassle for me to delete.)

Not at all, Scott, as it's interesting to know what others are running. I'm out of town for the first half of June, but will definitely add Ad Muncher to The Great Software List when I return. It even blocked ads in my RSS reader's browser.


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