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Which app stays open on your desktop all day?

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cmd.exe? nice..that's leet  :tellme:
check typeandrun i mentioned on my last post. i bet you will find it a bit handier that cmd.exe (at least, i do ;) )
-jgpaiva (January 26, 2006, 05:08 PM)
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Dunno - I need cmd.exe when building doing development work. Like, I have visual studio open for a project, but use "mk.bat" to build a smaller side-tool, then launch a hexeditor to verify file structure, etc. Things that can be faster doing from a command prompt that a GUI, and are directory sensitive.

I also use xPlorer^2's smartness - ie, I can type "$ del *.bak" in the address line to delete all *.bak files in current folder, and other smart stuff. As for Run stuff, I currently use my own Win+R replacement for blackbox... but I'm considering checking out F&RR and perhaps TypeAndRun.

hum..i see, if you use cmd more directed at .bat files,t&r can't help you with that (i think), and the directory-sensitive part sure is a limiter, since you need to have cmd open
I've just checked uberbox, (i also run bblean), and i found it quite useful, but not as much as t&r (imo). Disregarding that it looks ugly  :tellme:, it's nice that it has the option to send bbroams, which can be usefull, and that is has a low footprint (if it has But t&r allows you to do a bit more, you can create aliases with arguments, and the autocomplete function is far more advanced, as it really completes, not only with history paths but also with the ones that exist in your drive. The only problem about t&r is it's high footprint, about 7mb in ram :(
Anyways, please check it (it has no installation, just decompress and run :D ) and post your opinion!
You still don't use farr? I think it's very handy, for all those things that normal people (i.e. non-bb users) have in start menu. I used to open explorer to manually open the apps i didn't have in right-click (or middle-click,or x1click,or x2click for that matter), since i got tired of making and updating lots of menus really fast ;)

Directory Opus, Classic Clipboard, Courier, Firefox, UltraEdit

List o' always apps:

Thunderbird (just switched from Becky2)
Firefox ( 5 tabs @ startup w/ DC in tab#3)  :Thmbsup:
Total Commander  :-*
Virtual Daemon for virtual CDROM (load ISO file w/o burning them)
RocketTime for up to the ms NIST time accuracy.
FreeLaunchBar  (vertical, left side)

Frequent run apps:
ATI TV Player
EditPad Lite
Ultra ISO for create ISO files from CDROM
Autoruns from for tweaking startup apps
Process Explorer from for finding and killing BAD apps

Background stuff that you have to have...
Blackberry desktop for syncing
VNC for remote access
Kerio Personal Firewall
Norton Ghost
AVG Antivirus

Well, not just batch files, but stuff that is directory-sensitive, as well as depends on non-global environment variables (set by batch files). So yeah, I do need cmd.exe :)

My own custom run-box for bblean is actually based on uberbox, but more or less rewritten from scratch - bugs fixed, features added. Still in beta and needs some additional bugfixes and features added, but I use it all the time and it's nice :)

I plan on adding "real" complete to it, and aliases with args are already supported a lot better than uberbox, plus silly hardcoded limits are removed, etc.

You still don't use farr?

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Not yet *blush*. When I tried it, it had bugs wrt. UNC names that I reported to mouser, and I haven't checked it out since... when I've been at my computer, I've either been hung over or busy coding, so I haven't had time to play around with stuff that much.

Process Explorer from for finding and killing BAD apps

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I prefer their pskill - faster when you know the app name :P

Norton Ghost? I prefer Acronis TrueImage these days, Norton/symantec certainly fscked up ghost really well >_<


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