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Is Nero 10 returning to good form?

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I haven't used Nero for a while since it has been getting enormously bloated.  But I just noticed that version 10 offers separate download of just the Burning Rom once again.  I think with version 9, you couldn't get it.  You had to download a huge package and choose which parts you wanted to install.  And the activation and everything was really complicated.  The activation itself seemed to be a software component.  I just remember it being terribly complex.

So, what are people's thoughts on the latest version?  Frankly, I still think the Burning Rom is the best.  But I'll only use it again if I can just install that one component easily without having to deal with the rest of the crazy suite.  Ashampoo is really nice, I'm a big fan.  But Nero's Burning Rom is still a little better.  Not enough to really say much, but it is.

It's still a pig. Sure, you can download each smaller component separately so you only get the suckling pigs you want, but pigs are pigs & the software activation isn't more convenient or any easier.

Carol Haynes:
Nero seems irrelevant these days - there is just as good, or better, burning software that is either free or cheap.

I have Nero Multimedia Suite 10, and it works fine.
You just have to stop Nero Backit Up from auto starting.
There is no 'InCd' background program running either.
Unless you need it, it gives the option to include it.

FWIW, InCD has defaulted to unselected when installing Nero.

Talk about irrelevant. Nobody discusses/uses packet writing software anymore.


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