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Linux based E-book reader with two touchscreens about to be released.

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Paul Keith:


Stoic Joker:
Now that looks interesting. Granted I have no interest in buying an Ebook reader, but this "fits" nicely with my sense of "correctness" (screen is protected by design when closed).

I wonder how the keyboard input is handled? On screen I'm assuming (didn't see anything in Vid).

i'm dying for a perfect ebook reader, but even for someone who loves a multi-monitor setup, this seems overkill to me..
for an ebook i'd prefer a single lightweight, thin, large (12+ inch) display.  but i look forward to reading more about it.

Stoic Joker:
There's way too much (emphasis in marketing) cost involved in making things ultra thin. They are easier to break, more expensive due to the cutting edge tech involved in squeezing everything in a tiny package, and harder to cool - Read a book at the beach = Poof!

This thing is no thicker than an average (tree edition) book. and from a tactile stand point I'd say a bit nicer because of it (A book that's book like yet electronic).

That looks amazing! It's like every sci-fi story ever with children in the future with their own personal study tablets.

Almost makes me wish I was back in school again with one of these. . . almost.


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