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JayIsGames.Com Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8


mouser: has one of the best sites for discovering and reading about casual flash games.. And they put on an amazing developer competition.  Here's the latest, with an August 1 deadline.

As usual, I'd love to see some DC'ers enter something and I'll pledge a rare and beautiful DC game designer mug to anyone who has an entry entered into the contest.

You may use any browser-based technology platform you are comfortable with (Flash, Unity, Shockwave, Javascript/HTML5, etc.)... We are calling for entries designed to incorporate this theme: SANDBOX.  1st place: $1,000, Armor Games Awards: $500 - to each of the top 3 Flash games for a non-exclusive license to appear at Armor Games.  Audience Prize: $500.  The deadline for entries is
Sunday, August 1, 2010.

--- End quote ---

And if there is any way DC can help you with your entry, maybe help finding you some artists, etc. -- let us know!

i just realized that the game/political-simulation/thought-experiment flash game idea that i've been nursing for a while would be perfect for this.  but i don't think i have the time to code it..

does anyone with some flash experience want to work with me on this?  you have to have some experience making flash game type thing, but i know we could get help with graphics and sound, and this isn't very complicated?

anyone interested?

No flash game coders want to try to code my idea for a game as an entry?
What about javascript coders? There isn't too much fancy graphics to my idea, it could be done in javascript..

Only 1 week left for the contest.. any flash or javascript coders want to make a last minute attempt at this?  I stand ready to discuss ideas test, etc.


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