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Popup Translator Shootout?

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Hi forum,

I just stumbled upon a few amazing online/text popup translator tools like Lingoes, Google Translate Client, StarDict and Dictionary.NET.

At the moment, I'm totally overwhelmed that tools like these have existed for some time without me having noticed  :o :o

I'm still far from being able to tell which of these tools might be the best (probably there are even more such tools out there..)

Thus, maybe someone else is already closer to make a conclusion, or a little shootout, between the most popular -- or the most advanced -- (popup) translator tools?

Thanks already
Cheers David.P

I like this:

Here's a short overview of all the tools mentioned initially, and some more.

Cheers David.P

OK, for the moment, TranslateClient is the clear winner for me. It is fast, small and has easy accessible functions for replacing text with the translation result (must-have feature).

TranslateClient, Main

TranslateClient, Popup

Lingoes must be one of the most overbloated tools I have ever seen (for my taste). It probably takes weeks to set up everything that's there. What's more, it has no replace-translation-result function (or I can't find it in the zillion options).

Lingoes, Main

Lingoes, Popup

Stardict seems to have lots of options as well. However I can't seem to find where to simply setup Google as translation source (instead of downloading "hundreds" of dictionaries from their forum). Further, it seems to use for whatever reason, a chinese font, and I can't find how to change that. Then, the popup seems to be very hard to trigger reliably. Last, no replace function either  >:(

Stardict, Main

Stardict, Popup

Dictionary.NET is a tiny standalone that does its job. However, the font is too small for my taste, and (again) no replace text function  :down:

Dictionary.NET, Main/Popup

Looking forward to everyone else's experiences,
Cheers David.P

Very nice thread  :up:


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