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Popup Translator Shootout?

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The QTranslate is a fantastic tool. Thanks for heads-up. I especially appreciate the instant "Back translation" feature, it's very useful to make sure the machine "got" your sentence right.

There's also a new version available (3.5.0).

I used to be very enthusiastic about Google's TranslateClient.  It seemed to me much better than anything else I tried.  When Google announced that TranslateClient would be available only in a Pro version, I bought it.  Alas, for some reason that I don't understand, its translation ability seems to have deteriorated.  Surprisingly often it gives me a literal (mis)translation that has little to do with the meaning.  I can't offhand think of an example, but it has happened quite a bit.  Also, it now gives me the option of trying Microsoft's translations (both options appear on the interface), and Microsoft's usually reminds me that there are worse translators than Google.  

There are some other issues, too, including the possibility that its use may be limited to a certain total number of characters (not per translation, but in all translations).  I just noticed this and will ask tech support about it.  

is there a translator that will search for the text under the cursor or the highlighted/selected text in a webpage dictionary that we have specified and show the result from there?
-kalos (September 14, 2010, 11:16 AM)
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I realize that this question is from 2010, but in reading through the thread today I came upon it.  I thought I'd mention that if I highlight some text in my browser (I tried it in both Firefox and Opera) while Google TranslateClient Pro is open, a blue G will appear next to the passage I've highlighted.  If I click on the G, I'll get a translation into Spanish (since that's the language I most often translate to/from), though I can choose other possibilities.   (Often, there's not just a G but GWS.  If I choose W, it will search for the highlighted term in Wikipedia, while S will make it search for the highlighted passage in one of several search engines.)   Also, I see that there's a tiny icon that lets me hear the words I've highlighted.  Pretty neat, though I use Google TranslateClient Pro primarily to help me write in Spanish, and I still feel that its ability to translate from English into Spanish and vice versa has deteriorated since the time the program was free.

Wow, that's funny: I just had a look at the Client for Google Translate, and it currently offers a free version that supports only "translation from Microsoft Translator". Nice, isn't it?

Anyway, QTranslate's capability to quickly switch between different services, along with the back translation window seems to be unbeatable at the moment. Your mileage may vary, of course, depending on the language pair. I'm using Portuguese/English, and Google is usually a bit better than Microsoft, but not always. Also the Prompt service gives sometimes valuable results (and sometimes a complete nonsense).

Wow, that's funny: I just had a look at the Client for Google Translate, and it currently offers a free version that supports only "translation from Microsoft Translator". Nice, isn't it?
-yksyks (June 10, 2012, 08:54 AM)
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That's because the Google Translate API is no longer available for free. Developers can not develop apps using it unless they are willing to pay Google. Not likely you will find very many freeware developers that are willing to pay Google and then give away the app for free. I sure wasn't willing to do that, which is why Fried Babelfish no longer works.


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