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Reference software they don't make anymore but should.



  Back when Windows 95 was launched software seemed more creative.Two programs i love was Cinemania from
Microsoft and All Music Guide had a cd-rom that had every little tidbit about a music artist, including little video clips,in
pretty decent quality.Cinemania was freakin sweet,very elegant.It had reviews from Roger Ebert,Pauline Kael,and
Leonard Maltin.They stopping making it in 97 i believe and what a shame.If you look at the reviews at amazon
dot come you'll see people moaning about it being discountinued.I've never found reference software that covered
music and movies as well as those Programs.Does anyone out there know of any? It seemed that when the first
cd-rom drives were introduced it sparked more creativity out of people.Microsoft plus pagkages were even better.
You could spend all day poking around that cdrom,remember that Weezer video and that game with the red bumper

i agree completely. there was also a very cool musical instrucments cd from micrsoft and some art gallery cds, also both wonderful.

why arent we seeing dvd super versions of this type?

in all fairness some of this is taken over by the big encyclopedia dvds, but still..

Especially with dual layer dvd's,you could get a alot of info on one disc and video compression has come such a long way.No matter what side you choose in the video codec war,xvid,divx,real,windows media,etc. Video in any format is so sweet now.Cinemania would have these great 15-20 second clips of Jaws,godfather,etc.I think it might be a copy right thing.So many sources and movie studios,distributers to buy rights and get permision from.

 Yeah i haven't had an encyclopedia on disc since Encarta 96.I like encyclopedia's but i want topic specific stuff.
I'm gonna start a petition,lol.

Cinemania was really great. Too bad it has been discontinued.


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