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church song software

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I have a brother in law who is a pastor. I think I've heard him talk about the software they use to project the lyrics and stuff during the worship.  I'm sure he might find a mini review useful.

Stoic Joker:
but I have nothing to do with the coding part of the software.  Only as an end user who is trying to help improve the program.-techidave (May 26, 2010, 02:00 PM)
--- End quote ---
Okay, just checking, I stumbled across that while trying to give the app a fair glancing over. Granted I'm an atheist, but there are several churches in our client list... ;)

(Speaking of which) There is another app called PowerChurch (parishioner/donation management CMS sort of thing)that I've seen several times and it always has an office full of happy users. Are these two perchance related??

ok, I am trying to add a screenshot to the template.  I am in the full view mode.  the image is stored locally on my hard drive.  I am using inline display attatchment which then displays something like [ Invalid Attachment ].

it should read something like attach=# in brackets
 But how do I get the file name in theirthere?? 

Stoic Joker:
You don't. Just do attach=1, attach=2, etc. in the order they are uploaded.

Sorry to be so dense but I do not understand.  I have tried putting the path after the attach= but still nothing.  it won't let me paste the path in there


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