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What's the best software uninstaller tool?

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I use Ashampoo Uninstall to monitor changes that *some* installers make to my system. Your Uninstaller very safely handles the uninstallation of most of the applications that I remove. I occasionally refer to the Ashampoo logs to remove more difficult/hidden elements of some software that I feel it necessary to *completely* remove from my system. So, overall I am curious about what changes an application's installer makes to my system. I just don't feel that it is necessary to monitor every installation that I make on my system.

Hmmmmmm, I can't remember the one I used.  All I know as every time I ran it the thing disappeared. :)

With Total Uninstall, you can control what gets deleted during uninstall.  :Thmbsup:

With Total Uninstall, you can control what gets deleted during uninstall.  :Thmbsup:
-CleverCat (May 25, 2010, 02:41 AM)
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I didn't know it could do that. That feature could be very useful. Thx! :)

For some time I was using Ashampoo Uninstaller version 3. I found it to be a bit annoying because of the nagging "scan now?" pop ups, so I didn't use it as often as I aught to. Nevertheless I didn't hesitate to upgrade to version 4. This one however, I hate! To find a solution I purchased a copy of Total Uninstal Standard version 5 because so many people will recommend it. But I don't like that one either. It may be good, but I think it really is a confusing piece of software. I even fail to see why I should upgrade to the Pro version.

So for half a year I have been using the free REVO only. For some reason Revo will always stop and wait for the user to click 'next' - which I really think is needless and a total waste of time - so I also tried the Revo_Pro version. But what is it with the Pro version? It is a like a completely different program! Tedious and tiring, I think.

I do remember using My Uninstaller several years ago, but now I think I will try Your Uninstaller. Do You mind?  I see some good men recommending it, so apparently You will let others use it as well!  


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