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What's the best software uninstaller tool?

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What's the best software uninstaller... tool except CCleaner.

Revo Uninstaller has worked well for me!  Looks like they got a new website too!  Check it out here

there had been discussions about uninstaller tools, maybe they will provide some tips for you. i list some of the threads below..

• Uninstaller Roundup - Revo - Total - ZSoft & the less magnificent seven
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• Uninstallers (a very short look at what I've tried!)

IMHO Revo is the best. Gets the job done with no bad surprises.

It packs the most functionality without your needing to fiddle with it.   

Used in conjunction with CCleaner, MyDefrag, and the Glary Utilities and you have a complete day-to-day PC maintenance toolkit.


I'm still using Your Uninstaller and Ashampoo Uninstaller. They take different approaches - YU thoroughly removes installed applications via the applications uninstaller and THEN scans the registry and file system for known changes based on the type of installer/uninstaller used. Works really well. Ashampoo I use very rarely, but do use it to create before and after snapshots of my registry when installing certain apps. I NEVER use it to actually perform an uninstall, though... Doing so is asking for trouble because any background process that is running while creating the uninstallation snapshot that makes changes to the registry during that time is going to be corrupted... but I digress...


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