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What's the best software uninstaller tool?

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Comodo has now gotten into the act with their free Comodo Programs Manager. In the last couple years it seems Comodo has a software for just about everything.

Currently it looks like the download is 8.27 MB; I haven't tried it and will probably resist the temptation. Revo and MyUninstaller have served me well, but curiosity may overwhelm at some point.

And the fact it's a portable app makes it a good candidate for inclusion on an all-purpose tech tool USB key. :Thmbsup:
-40hz (May 28, 2010, 07:09 AM)
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I love my USB toolkit.  My first job in college was a troubleshooting computer guy for the campus.  I used to take a backpack sized bag with me as my toolbox.  It had a zip drive in there, all types of cables, some floppy disks.  On the zip drive were the installation files for certain programs I might need.  It's great to have that all on a keychain now, and nothing to install, but run directly from the usb.  As a bonus, I have my amazing LBC menu for the portable programs.  one of my favorite mouser creations.


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