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What's the best software uninstaller tool?

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With Total Uninstall, you can control what gets deleted during uninstall.  :Thmbsup:
-CleverCat (May 25, 2010, 02:41 AM)
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I didn't know it could do that. That feature could be very useful. Thx! :)
-40hz (May 25, 2010, 06:23 AM)
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Yes, during uninstall, you get windows popping up to ask if you want to delete certain folders etc - If I'm reinstalling again to fix a problem I'll leave some bits.....

Here is a picture that compares Advanced Uninstaller Free and pro version

Today's giveaway is Cleanse Uninstaller Pro 6.5 from Zards Software

The initial scan was just as slow as Windows' Add/Remove_Programs!  :o
-but it also opens with a lot more informations ready.   ;)
-the link says "6.2" but it really is version 6.5.1

No 'monitor install'-feature.  :down:

click for large:

What's the best software uninstaller tool?

Looks like iObit has joined the party with a free and portable uninstaller that appears to copy Revo's approach pretty closely. Works with Windows 7 but I didn't see anything specific about 64-bit. gHacks just did a write-up on it:


IObit Uninstaller is another application that tackles those uninstallation leftovers. The portable software uninstaller displays a list of installed programs in its interface. The sidebar contains several other useful shortcuts to only list toolbars, programs that have been recently installed, large programs, rarely used software and Windows Updates.
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What's the best software uninstaller tool? What's the best software uninstaller tool?

I downloaded it and gave it a try. Looks to be a workable solution. And the fact it's a portable app makes it a good candidate for inclusion on an all-purpose tech tool USB key. :Thmbsup:

Download link:

Putting aside the issues I've had with IObit in the past, I figured I would try the free and portable IObit Uninstaller. Like most of their products, it does look good.

Right away I noticed the installation dates are wrong. For example, Revo Uninstaller and MyUninstaller can correctly recognize that I updated XnView a few days ago, but IObit still thinks my installation is three years old.

So IObit can't get this basic info correct, but I'm supposed to trust it to select the correct registry entries to remove? Well crud, I'll stick with the proven Revo and MyUninstaller for now.


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