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Simple E-Mail Client

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Thanks.  I'm looking into G Lock.  I want to set up something that when I'm not doing this the next person can just take over the program and all.

G Lock Easy mail looks good.  I tried a simple 3 person group and lo and behold each recipient  ONLY had his name - even better than ' Undisclosed recipients "
I guess that is because it is designed for mass mailings
And of course you are correct whe nyou  said I send from any account I am able to.  I of course had to set it up using My SMPT.

But I think this fits the bill  Thank you. 
I knew Donation Coder would steer me in the right direction and  all in less than and hour and a half. !!!! ;D

40hz :Thmbsup:

After a few more tests this is EXACTLY ( actually better than exactly ) what I was looking for.

Thank you !

My pleasure. Glad it worked out well for you.  :)


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