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Drunk History Videos


I happened on these today.. normally i'd rather get punched in the eye than listening to drunk people talk, but i find these NSFW (language) videos hilllarious.

Basically it's a celebrity who is really drunk, who tells a true (roughly) tale from american history, and then comedians re-enact the story.  It's bit hard to describe but their are real moments of brilliance.  There is quite a bit of cursing that makes it NSFW.

start with this one maybe:


Oh yes, I came across these recently-ish and they're pretty fantastic overall. Some better than others of course. But pretty much all worth a viewing.

- Oshyan

Zooey Deschanel is in on it? Now that I have to check out.  ;D

Those were hilarious.  I read about them yesterday but didn't really catch what they were so I didn't watch them.  Thanks for pointing them out.


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