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NANY 2011 RELEASE: Webcam Video Diary

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Thanks for the interesting ideas insert_nick.
I really like the idea of a tool for lucid dreaming.

However, i'm fraid that the idea of storing words at locations on the video frame is a bit outside the scope of what i was thinking.

I was thinking more something where you could simply record videos and take snapshot images quickly, where they would be stored in a folder hierarchically by date, and where you could leave notes associated with videos or photos.

So something very simple.. at least to start out with.

But keep the ideas coming.

Ok, that's quite close to what would be ok for that purpose - let's give up on the visual thing (attaching words/sentences on the video), but here it is a simpler version of the same feature:

- you set the context for the session; e.g. "dream journals" will take into account only the videos that are marked as "dream journals" (the "mark" is a user-defined attribute in a sqlite database associated with the path of video and other properties like title, etc.)

- when you record or play a video, it's possible to pause and define a note, that is done by "title + free text";

- you save the note in a sqlite database, storing which video it belongs, which time in the video, the title, and the free text;

- possibly, when you type the title of the note, it autocompletes from the other notes' titles of the chosen context (dream journals)

This way, you could use the titles of the notes as the words/sentences I was speaking of in my previous post, show them sorted by occurrence, and through filters on the free text.
So, for lucid dreaming purposes, for instance one could use the titles for simple descriptions of the hooks (e.g. "pink elephant"), and the free text for some conventional string, e.g. "__IMPOSSIBLE__".
The tool, will allow to filter notes containing (or not) the string "__IMPOSSIBLE__" into the free text; and eventually also more complex queries (e.g. notes not containing string "__IMPOSSIBLE__" and containing string "stairs").

I should have a beta posted by the weekend.

Wow, sounds like an unexpected Christmas gift.

I have posted a beta version here available for download, and created a forum section here.


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