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Identity Theft OFFLINE - Get ready to be VERY scared

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Get ready to be very scared...

Now, how many people still have clean underwear?

this goes way beyond the dangers of identity theft, and is so outrageous and could have been entirely foreseen as a huge security risk by copy machine makers..

in fact it reeks of a purposeful "bug" in the system put in place for national security reasons. ironic that it's ending up backfiring on the security/police organizations.

scary.. all copiers should have a disk wipe program as part of the package, not a $500 option.

Count me as among those who didn't realize copy machines had a hard drive in them. Scary indeed!

Though I'm left wondering how prevalent that is. Would, for instance, my little HP All-In-One home printer also have a hard drive in it? How about my Brother MFC-7840W?

Or is this just a "feature" of "commercial-grade" copiers?

Gross negligence? Criminal negligence? It's beyond insane.


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