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Identity Theft OFFLINE - Get ready to be VERY scared

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...and yes we wipe all our drives.
-Stoic Joker (May 13, 2010, 02:26 PM)
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We're network integrators.

And we're very careful to wipe sensitive data off all our customer's drives too.

Sometimes even intentionally!  :Thmbsup:

Kidding...just kidding...  ;D

Stoic Joker:

A wise man once said: (sh)IT Happens - and he was right...

All those overpriced wipe utilities and "features" will soon be available free of charge from the printer manufacturers. But not before some twit on TV tries to sell everybody one for $100.
-40hz (May 13, 2010, 07:00 AM)
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Well, here's what I want - a stand-alone gizmo that will plug into an IDE or SATA drive and wipe the thing by just pressing a button.  I have drives that aren't housed in a computer (or worse, the computer they're in is kaput), and I'd like an easy way to wipe them without having to futz around getting them into (or just hooked up to) a working computer to get them wiped.  That's more pain that I'd lke to go through, and even when I actually do it (it's made much easier with one of those USB to IDE/SATA adapters), I'm always deathly afraid that I'm going to select the wrong item or option and wipe a drive that I'd really rather keep the data from (for some reason, when I find myself doing this kind of thing it's usually at 2am, which probably isn't very smart...).

And I don't really trust a service that claims to do this. I'd imagine to myself that I'd hand over a bunch of drives and $40 per drive to get them cleaned, and the drives would just end up going right into a dumpster.

It seems to me that all that needs to be done is have a small ARM microcontroller embedded in something much like one of those USB to IDE/SATA adapters, give it the right firmware and a power plug and - bam! a gizmo that that'll wipe a drive at the press of a button for less than $100.  I'd buy something like that for my own piece of mind (definitely for $50).  

If someone out there is aware of such a device, let me know.

If not, maybe I'll be able to make some time for a project (chances of that happening by the time the Sun collapses - pretty near zero).

^all you'd need is something that could run Darik's Boot & Nuke in autonuke mode. DBAN is tiny. It fits on a bootable floppy. So a small bit of ROM and a CPU would be all that's needed for the smarts.

Stoic Joker:


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