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sike 1.0 - send file(s) to recycle bin via command line

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sike is a command line .exe that sends files/folders to the recycle bin.


Just copy sike.exe to a folder in your path.
sike creates no files, registry or .ini settings.

sike with no params brings up a usage dialog.

Usage: sike [-f] filename1 filename2 ... [may use wildcards]

If -f is not the first param, a confirmation dialog will display,
otherwise sike will loop through the rest of the params sending
files/folders to the recycle bin.

It should work on any Windows flavor that the latest AutoIt3 works on.

It is free for you to use at your own risk.

(There may be a bunch of these around already but I didn't find one that
worked on Vista64 out of the box.  So I knocked this off in AutoIt3.)

thanks for sharing  :up:


excellent idea

Hi MilesAhead,

FYI, it doesn't work if the filename has some uncommon characters, like: á - ô - ü

E.g.: "mçfilè.txt"

EDIT: if  use it in a .bat file doesn't work - if I use it in a command prompt no annoyances...


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