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sike 1.0 - send file(s) to recycle bin via command line

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My impression at this point is that AutoIt3 does unicode, but cmd.exe does not.  However I can't really go to great lengths to test it. I'm not going to install a different version of Windows, for example.  But if someone with a non English version of Windows wants to mess around and see if we can find out the fix, that's fine.  As it is now I've added a link to the unicode info page I found on the web how to set cmd.exe prompt, to the Readme.

I have a shortcut on my desktop that I set up following those instructions but I don't think it will tell me anything since I'm on an English version of Windows anyway.  Someone else needs to run the trials.

edit: The basic theme of my site since it went all donationware is it's software I wrote for my own use, that others may use at their own risk. (I think in all or most of the Readme files I have a note to that effect.)  Obviously I don't have a testing department.  If there's a bug or some other issue I think I can fix with a reasonable effort then I'll try to find a work-around or solution. But there's no promise of support.


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