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Two computers - one set of secreens etc. Ideas?

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Carol Haynes:
Thanks for the info. Appreciated. I'll give it a go ;)

Stoic Joker:
most system boards also aren't fussy about having a keyboard attached anymore. or not from my experience anyway. you may need to fiddle with BIOS settings depending on what you have. but with all the headless home servers being made from old PCs that's a good thing.-Gwen7 (May 10, 2010, 05:36 PM)
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I can confirm this, I haven't seen a BIOS yet that didn't have some variation on "Stop on Errors: All But Keyboard" Which is what Carol should look for.

Good tip on the power button also - Our accountant has trouble with the 50/50 between System Power & the Eject Tape button.

Carol Haynes:
Yes I always set up the power buttons on desktops and laptops to do a proper shutdown. It's quicker than fiddling with a mouse anyway.

Of course if it hangs during shutdown you are stuffed  :-[

Stoic Joker:
Even in that configuration, if you hold the power button for 5+ seconds it should still dump the box (if need be).

Carol Haynes:
Yes I know - but I don't like 'killing' a box that is hanging if I don't have to.


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